Email marketing is a simple and cost-effective way to attract and convert customers at every stage of the buying cycle!

  • Email marketing gets your message delivered to a widespread and targeted audience quickly and allows recipients to act promptly. Campaigns can be executed from conception to completion within short notice.
  • A study conducted by the DMA found that $43.62 is returned for each dollar spent on email marketing campaigns; indicating a more cost-effective solution than banner ads, direct mail or telemarketing.
  • Email marketing has the ability to improve customer relations and increase brand awareness. Through recurrently delivered email messages, a line of communication between the company and consumer is formed.
  • You can monitor your campaigns at the click of a button with Avalon Marketing’s proprietary real-time tracking system. Measure the success of your campaign up to the minute and make strategy adjustments accordingly to improve future outcomes.
  • Unlike other marketing approaches, email campaigns are highly customizable through personalization, testing and coding in an effort to meet the needs of our clients and maximize ROI.