Email Marketing Made Simple.

Avalon provides a cost-effective digital marketing solution — from campaign management, creative construction, to customer data processing.

Since the inception of our agency, we’ve worked with leading brands, both local and national, to provide full-service advertising strategy and ultimate campaign execution. In a growing world where marketing possibilities have crystalized into what might seem to be an abyss from the company’s standpoint, we distill our pool of 250 million verified deliverable ePostal profiles (with 600 demographic and psychographic data attributes) into hyper-targeted digital campaigns with a unified multi-channel approach that satiates brand marketing goals – whether that be merely brand engagement or sought-after customer acquisition.

Consider Avalon an extension of your marketing department and let us develop a digital audience for your brand. We’ll help you start conversations with prospective customers by creating immersive experiences across all digital channels: email, mobile, desktop AND social. Utilize all channels for a completely immersive user experience; internal studies across verticals have shown over a 20% lift in click-through-rate. Our email-based marketing efforts are built on proven customer acquisition and engagement results, from local sales lifts to nationwide brand awareness. From target audience count quotes to final campaign reporting analytics, we’ll be there every step of the way in our service.

Engage with confirmed in-market buyers in a radius around your dealership location. We have a thumb on what consumers are intending to purchase your exact makes and models in your market in the next 6 months, providing an edge over competition. Avalon client auto brands have come to include the likes of Land Rover, Honda, Audi, Toyota, Infiniti and many more.

Geography and demography are the two dimensions of ad relevancy, and local auto dealerships have come to Avalon to leverage both our multitude of purchase intent flags – for car make, model, year, and type — and our expansive data geo map to pique local consumer interest, drive website traffic and most importantly increase sales. Matchback reports, in which we flag sold customers whom Avalon influenced over the course of our targeted email campaign, will underline dealership ROI. Combine our intent data with verified auto ownership data for super dynamic conquest dealership campaigns regardless of offer or deal.

Leverage a bevy of home-related data attributes to identify potential buyers near your store. With Avalon’s user-oriented data selects, it’ll be easy to customize a target audience primed to click, buy, and visit in-store.

We look at the consumer products retail stores try to sell, and we arrive at the best possible audience segment who are most likely to visit in store. Through the lens of our granular targeting system, we can easily focus on consumers who we know have the strongest propensity towards furniture. The basis of our popular Home Furnishings attribute is prior user site registration activity and transaction data, alongside product-oriented surveys reported by our users themselves. This segment can easily be tapped for nationwide or local email campaigns, and can be paired with additional Avalon selects like our New Homebuyer or Mover flag for a hyper-targeted ad campaign served to individuals most likely to react.

We pinpoint in-market home buyers with the click of a button. Avalon can reach the sometimes elusive digital audience of home buying prospects with our suite of real estate intent selects at our disposal.

For luxury community developers and smaller real estate agencies alike, Avalon can optimize marketing budget to serve targeted advertising media to home-buying prospects, generating real leads for real estate companies who we’re hopeful will manifest into true buyers. Companies have used Avalon to render real estate purchases into effortless sells by “warming up” prospects by delivering targeted email messages and display retargeting reminders to the same target audience who will be immersed in the offer.

Activate our prospect pool for your offer by utilizing our spectrum of user demographic and digital history.

Knowing and profiling a target audience is imperative to the success of finance-based campaigns. Insurance companies can remove their marketing blindfold and leverage Avalon’s suite of financial data attributes, like networth, household income, and our highly accurate credit score model spectrum. We also know which of our email profiles under the guise of our database have a history of looking for insurance and finance offers online, by virtue our website channel silos. Aside from our consumer database, business funding companies can tap into our B2B database and leverage industry type groupings for the conversion metric they are after.