Grow Your Business With Avalon

Avalon is proud to foster one of the most comprehensive, marketable databases of digital profiles in the industry. Rooted in email, our refined marketing technology allows for your branded message or offer to be heard on any scale and across all devices. But it doesn’t stop at technology. We are one-stop and full-service for any and all digital marketing needs.

Email Marketing

Get your branded message or offer into the active inbox of your target audience and await engagement.

Direct Mail

Mirror a digital marketing effort with physical mailers to verified postal addresses that are attributed with any of our 600 pyschographic variables.


Utilize our mobile, desktop and social channels independently, or run a campaign with everything in tandem for an immersive marketing effort still rooted in our email data.

Display Advertising

We are connected with a myriad of display ad networks and platforms, allowing for the onboarding of our email data to the digital space for cross device advertising to singular consumer profiles for the most immersive marketing experience.

Ad Personalization

We deploy single email templates specially designed to populate with dynamic fields tailored to each individual prospective customer.

Creative Building

Don’t let a lack of creative bandwidth thwart your marketing intent. Avalon builds both html email creatives and display banners optimized for rendering across all devices, from scratch.

Customer Data Management

Avalon intakes brands’ retained customer email lists and scans them for deliverability – outputting a clean usable file with behavior scores and even modelling retention lists for expounded digital marketing on our end.